Bendy Bath Ball Rattle – Fully Sealed

6 Months
Item Number: 4087628

The bath ball with it all! Baby will have fantastic fun exploring their water environment with the Bendy Bath Ball Rattle. Flexible domes allow the ball to bend transforming into a scoop, perfect for cupping and pouring water. Easy grip holes are perfect for little fingers, encouraging baby to use their motor skills to pick up, hold and shake the ball. The rattle ball nests perfectly inside, and as baby’s fine motor and cognitive ability develops they can practise retrieving the removable rattle from inside. Now there are two balls to bring a new dimension play time, either in or out of the water!

Splashes 6m
No Mould / No Holes

• Collapsible ball converts into a water scoop for water play fun!
• Bendy ball and removable rattle engage baby’s fine motor skills
• Easy grip holes are perfect for little fingers
• Rattle ball sounds stimulate auditory senses
• Textured surfaces encourage baby’s tactile sense and exploration